Long Term Ownership Review: Mahindra Mojo XT 300

I don’t understand the looks of the motorcycle! Its ugly!

When did Mahindra started selling two wheelers?

Is this the same testing mule which we saw in 2010 on some random Italian track?

What is the purpose of this motorcycle?

These were some of the statements and questions posed when the Mahindra Mojo embarked it’s journey in India in October 2015. Little did I know about this motorcycle and it’s capability. Fast forward this to late 2016, I took a test ride of the motorcycle for good 30 kilometers and I was impressed. This motorcycle checked all the boxes in my mental checklist listed below:

  1. Touring Comfort
  2. Smooth & stress free engine
  3. Long fuel tank range
  4. Luggage carrying capacity
  5. Mileage

I will not bore you with the history much. I bought the Mojo (Touring Version) on 26 March 2017 in Delhi from Khandelwal Motors and I have clocked 28,000 kms till now. I will break the review into points which will be detailed and easy to understand if you are contemplating the purchase of this motorcycle. Please pardon me since I am not technically sound, hence this will be purely my natural experience, which I will share.

Point 1: Kitna deti hai? Mileage!

If you are sane person and ride a motorcycle with respect then in the city you will get a maximum mileage of 30 kmpl and minimum of 28 kmpl. On the highways you will get a consistent mileage of 32 kmpl. Now to measure the mileage of the bike the most accurate method is the full tank method. I always use this method since I don’t trust electronic displays and even the analog ones.


Point 2: Comfort

Long hours on the saddle are not at all an issue for the rider but pillion comfort is zero since the rear seat is narrow and in a tapered shape. Don’t be disappointed because the BS 4 model has a wider pillion seat. So, it will be easier for you to convince your wife/girlfriend. I never looked for alternative seat options, although a lot of Mojo owners have got their stock seats changed. The handlebars are also tilted towards the rider and the foot pegs are also positioned in such a way, that rider triangle becomes ideal for a long distance riding. Please note that it is not meant for the city commutes simply because it is heavy from the front. I have got use to it and riding it in the city is not much of an issue now.


Point 3: Handling & Suspension

With Diablo Rosso tires installed as stock, the motorcycle is a good handler on tight corners and gives you a lot of confidence. Even the tires which I am using now i.e. Michelin Pilot Street Radial are also very good under dry and wet conditions. In off road conditions, you will feel the bike is heavy from the front and you will find it a bit difficult to handle and at the same time the suspension handles the off road very well. Even while you ride on tarmac, the undulations on the road will not hurt you. The front USD forks and rear mono shock work like a charm.


Point 4: Tires

Well! The stock tires on the Mojo XT 300 are from Pirelli, namely Diablo Rosso. The specs of the tires match up to the tires used on racing track which means they have excellent grip but less life. In my case, the rear lasted me for 13,000 kilometers and the front lasted for 18,000 kilometers. I switched to a mixed compound tire (Hard and Soft) which meant longer life and good grip. Michelin Pilot Street Radial (150/60 R17, rear) and 110/70 R17, front was the answer to this.


Point 5: Engine & build quality

I have ridden this motorcycle in the Himalayas and recently did a Bangalore to Delhi road trip. Trust me guys! The engine is bloody refined, there are no rattling sounds, no vibrations, no loose nuts & bolts, no seepage, no weird noises from the engine, no loss of power & torque. The built quality of the motorcycle is top notch and you won’t be disappointed at all. I have ridden the bike on good, bad and ugly roads but till now the motorcycle is solid as a rock. The only downer was the water seepage in the speedometer, which was replaced under warranty at 22,000 kilometers. There are no problems in cold starts and make sure you idle the motorcycle for 30 seconds after the cold start. Don’t worry, you will not be late for the ride.


Point 6: Braking

Braking is a major issue in this motorcycle, to be very honest. The front brake is decent but the rear brake is dangerous. The rear tire use to get locked under hard braking. I went through a lot of forums, consulted Mojo owners and my friends. The problem was solved by doing two things i.e. changing of the brake pads and changing of the tires. I have not faced any tire locking issues after that. Touch-wood! At the same time, Mojo needs ABS for sure.


Point 7: Luggage Carrying Capacity

I had opted for the touring version which had saddle stays, so the motorcycle can carry luggage up-to 90 liters (rear) easily and benefit of having a metal tank is that you can use a magnetic tank bag. So the headache of opening and tying the straps is gone. Till now the saddle stays are holding good and not loose at all.


Point 8: Fuel Tank Capacity

21 liters of fuel tank! This is pure bliss. The fuel tank will give you tank range of 550 kilometers which is good enough for any long trip. Personally, I don’t prefer to ride my motorcycle in reserve since low fuel can reduce the injector’s life. If you own this motorcycle you will forget about petrol pumps!!


Point 9: Headlights & Auxiliary Lights

The stock headlights are not that effective during night rides and since I have taken the touring version, I use auxiliary lights to get more visibility. Is it age catching up or illumination problem? I really don’t know! Mostly, I prefer to ride in day time and avoid night rides unless it is necessary. So for me it is not a negative point.


Point 10: Service

The service network of Mahindra is not that vast and present in Tier 1 cities only as of now. Now coming to the cost of service, an average cost will be around 1800 INR to 2000 INR. The service is good and I get it done in front of me which also means peace of mind. Spare parts are available easily and I didn’t face issues on that front as well.

I think I have covered most the elements of the long term ownership. So to summarize this, I would say Mahindra Mojo is a very good package overall for motorcyclists who are looking for good quality touring bikes within budget. On a scale of 10, I will rate this bike as 8. The only thing which I feel lacks in this beautiful motorcycle is ABS. If ABS is installed in the motorcycle, it will become a hell of a deal.

Please do share your feedback and questions. Also, let me know if I have missed something which can covered here.



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