Tordi and Sambhar Lake Trip – Nov 2017

Honeymoon in a corporate office means either you are a new joiner or you are serving notice period. I was service notice period and there was no pressure on me to work, so taking advantage of this time, me and my best friend (Ankur) decided to visit a place called Tordi in Rajasthan which is around 370 kms from Delhi. It was the onset of winters in Delhi and the right time to hit the tarmac. This was our second visit on motorcyle and the reason to go there again was pretty simple, the host is an amazing person, a famous personality in Tordi and owns the historical Tordi palace which is converted into a luxurious hotel. After coming back from office, fueled up my bike, got the air pressure checked, also checked for any punctures, packed my bag and essentials for the trip, the usual drill for every motorcyclist. The starting time of this trip was really relaxing i.e. around 6.30 am since the roads are good and distance could be covered easily.

Day 1 (18th November 2017): Delhi to Tordi (370 kms)

The loud alarm smashed my ear drums and I was wide awake. Got ready comfortably and loaded the luggage on my bike. The route I took was National Highway 8 towards Jaipur (now know as NH 48). Ankur was waiting after the IFFCO Chowk flyover, as always ready on time, sometimes I wonder whether he sleeps properly or not. We both were really excited and were looking forward to this trip. And here we goooooooooo!

Lock and load


Ankur is charged up!

NH8 is a 6 lane highway and the ride was pretty smooth. Our first stop for breakfast was Cafe Coffee Day. We had some sandwiches and hot coffee. The coffee was really nice!


After the breakfast, we continued riding to our destination. There will be some patches on NH8 which will keep you on your toes and then there will be patches which will make you feel sleepy. We covered good amount of distance and 40 kms before entering Jaipur, took the left exit towards Ajmer from Sundarpura. Now we were on the outer periphery of Jaipur city. We had ridden for more than 200 kms, so stopped for a water break and clicked some photos.


After the small break, had to put the navigation since we had forgotten the exit which we took the last time on the left. Following the google maps, we took the exit and turned left towards Diggi-Malpura road. Ankur didn’t look confident that we had taken the correct exit but I insisted that this was the correct one. We rode further and to our surprise the road finished. It was all sand! I checked the maps, the route was correct but we had taken the left turn before the actual turn. The sand and off road got us excited.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The exciting off road ended in a couple of kilometers and we came back on the tarmac. Finally, the right turn towards Malpura arrived and we were heading on the right way. A photo of Malpura road.


From Malpura, we took a left to Tordi and we reached our destination. Siddharth, the property owner was waiting for us. We greeted each other with a smile. We were hungry and delicious lunch was served to us. After the lunch, Siddharth told us to explore this place more, unlike the last visit in which I slept after lunch, what a waste that was. He got his Bolero, took us to his farms from where all the vegetables are taken & cooked, then he also showed us Tordi Sagar lake and the defunct dam. We sat there for some time and that area is very peaceful. He also showed us his English made double barrel guns and that were class apart. Truly vintage stuff! Enjoy the slideshow.

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After the sunset, Siddharth took us near the sand dunes to see if there were any foxes and yes we found a few of them, the headlights of the car helped us to locate them, we returned to the property and it was time for us to drink and enjoy the view of Tordi from the rooftop. Three of us discussed Goa at length and made more plans to travel. During this conversation, we also decided to head to Sambhar lake from this place because Ankur had not seen it, the last time. Dinner was served and I ate like an animal. It was time for us to sleep.

Day 2 (19th November 2017): Tordi – Duddu – Sambhar Lake – Delhi (440 kms)

Got up with a hangover on Day 2. Ankur woke up early and had gone to check out the vicinity early morning. I shouldn’t have consumed so much of alcohol since I missed the sunrise and also could not click good photos. I got ready and both of us had breakfast. Got a few snaps in front of the property.




We thanked Siddharth for his hospitality and headed towards Sambhar lake. So from Tordi, you need to head back to Malpura, go straight for 100 kms and you will reach Sambhar lake. The road was under construction and was not in good condition but our bikes were forgiving, all thanks to the good suspension set up. Here is a snap of the road.

There were some patches where tarmac was present but most of it was off road. After crossing Duddu, we were just waiting to see the sight of the lake. Sambhar lake is huge and there are multiple entry points to it but the best one is from the temple’s side. The name of the temple is Mata Shakambhari Mandir. From this location, you will get the complete view of the lake. We entered the lake and were amazed by its vast expanse. Ankur made a small video as well before being interrupted by a grumpy police official who said no to video recording because he was expecting us to pay for this. Just like kids, we said, we will not record, when he went away, we started recording again. Leaving aside the unimportant incident, I clicked a few photos as well.


After staying there for good 20-25 minutes, we headed on our way back to Delhi. It was a long journey way back home but we did it quite comfortably. Overall, the trip was very relaxing. Me and Ankur will definitely come back again. This time will make good amount of videos.

In the end, I would like to tell you that Tordi is the hidden treasure of Rajasthan which people generally ignore but it is really nice and peaceful. So go for the hunt.

Posting the hotel details below for your reference:

Tordi Palace

Per night: INR 2,500 (excluding meals)

Activities/places to see: Jeep ride, sand dunes and Tordi sagar dam

Review: Excellent place to chill, good food & the owner is now our good friend

Best time to visit: Winters only

Warm Regards,


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