Wayanad and Ooty Trip – April 2018

I know this is an abrupt start to a blog but aren’t we all bored of the conventional things in life!

This trip was planned on a short notice because I was supposed to travel to Delhi for some personal commitments but those plans got postponed. My leaves were already approved, so I had 4 days in hand. Sitting in my office, tapped on Google maps to check out the nearby locations to visit and found Wayanad. I zoomed in the map to see if there are any home stays and I found a place called Hiliya Resort. Immediately called them up, and got the booking done easily.

A day before, I finished my office work, came back home, completed the pending household chores, packed my bags, prepped my bike gears, set the alarm and slept. Actually, I could not sleep properly, that anxiety and excitement to ride the very next day is still there, even after riding motorcycle for 10 years now.

Day 1 (7th April 2018): Bangalore to Wayanad (282 kms)

*Alarm goes off at 4 am*

*beep* *beep* *beep*

I slammed it shut and slept again. When I woke up, it was 6.20 am and I was super late. Got ready in a flash since I had done the preparations a night before. So the ride started at 7.22 am and there I go!! I took the NECE road and then the exited to Mysore road. The traffic was mild, my mind was free and I had a smile on my face. The weather was good and I breezed through the road. Took a pit stop at my favorite Cafe Coffee Day, Maddur.

Cafe Coffee Day, Maddur

After having a regular cappuccino and a sandwich, I continued my ride, crossed small towns like Ramnagara, Channapatna, Srirangapatna, Mandya. So just before entering Mysore, took a left turn onto the Outer Ring Road which leads to Gundlupete. The road was almost empty with very less traffic, so the bike and rider were very happy.

Outer Ring Road, Mysore

After reaching Gundlupete, I took a right turn towards Wayanad via Sultan Bathery. There’s something special about the highways down South, they are very scenic. Plugged in my earphones to listen some light music while I gently pull the throttle. Next up on my way was Muthanga Wildlife Forest and I was expecting some elephants crossing the road but there were none. I did witness some deers. Nature is beautiful!!


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Decent slideshow there. Hope you liked it! So after crossing the forest, I reached Sultan Bathery and from here the resort was not far. I took a tea break at the Karnakata and Kerala border, where the cops were stopping almost every 4 wheeler to check for alcohol.

Karnataka Kerala Border
Admiring her beauty!

I was not clear about the direction, so simply started the navigation on google maps which led me to Beenachi. From there, I took a right turn on Panamaram Beenachi Road and the road was completely covered the green trees and grass. I was feeling hungry and started searching for some decent place to eat. I stopped at restaurant which was looked good.

Lunch Pitstop. DL meets DL in KL!

Ordered a chicken biryani and lime juice. The biryani was not at all good as the chicken was hard. I managed to eat half of it and left the rest. Gave a nice feedback to the owner and got rid of them by paying Rs. 140. Continued the ride towards the resort and from Panamaram Beenachi Road took a right turn towards the resort.


Finally reached the resort and the location is amazing. The property looks very traditional and old school, typical South Indian architecture at the periphery of a forest. I checked in and the room was also excellent. The view outside the room was refreshing and surprisingly a mild breeze started which made the evening cooler.


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The resort staff was very courteous and welcoming. While chilling on the hammock in front of the room, I started planning my second day. I asked the manager if there are any nice places to visit nearby in Wayanad. He suggested me a lot of places out of excitement but I shortlisted a couple of them i.e. Banasura Sagar Dam (40 kms) and Lakkidi view point (38 kms from Banasura Sagar Dam). Took a stroll around the property and had dinner. Just rewinding the events during the day in my mind, I slept.

Day 2 (8th April 2018): Hiliya Resort – Banasura Dam – Lakkidi View Point – Hiliya Resort  (118 kms)

I woke up to a nice morning, had my morning tea, sitting in the veranda and listening chirping of the birds. It was time for me to get ready for the day. The complimentary breakfast was decent and as per my request. I always eat omelette and bread in breakfast. My conversation with the manager continued and we discussed a lot about Kerala. After the breakfast, packed my essentials in my bag and it was time for me to explore the place as planned. The motorcycle started without tantrums, as always and I headed to the main road.

I was in no mood to rush things as I had a lot of time in my hand. I was not riding fast and enjoying the lush green geography. The breeze was cool and sun was bearable.


After reaching Kalpetta, I took a right turn towards Banasura Dam. The roads were nice to ride on but the omnipresent smell of sea food is something which I personally didn’t like. Nevertheless, my focus was on reaching the dam. After riding for an hour, I reached the place, found a suitable space to park my bike and the place was full of people. No surprises there, since it was a Sunday. The guy over the entry counter asked me, “How many tickets?” and I answered, “One”. He gave me a strange look as he might be thinking, who comes alone to such places.

Now the dam from the counter was at least a kilometer walk which was good enough to tire me. After reaching the top, the view of the reservoir was spectacular minus the people around. The authorities have maintained the place very nicely. I also did a live Instagram video (@theroamingdelhite) to show my followers how beautiful the place is.


My friend had told me not to miss the speed boat activity, so I rushed to the counter on the right hand side of the dam but unfortunately, it was closed for booking and I was informed that the next booking will start at 2.30 pm. It was 12 noon and I was not in the mood to wait. So I clicked a few more pictures of the place and headed to Lakkidi view point.

Lakkidi view point is situated on the southern edge of Wayanad. It is at an altitude of 2296ft from the sea level and is at the distance of 5 km from a famous town, Vythiri. I had visited this place 4 years back as well, when I had come with my friends again on a bike ride. On the way I also found a lot of tea estates, so took a detour to get some nice snaps.

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During monsoons, the view point is covered with clouds which makes it look more beautiful. I took an hour to reach this place. This view point is also full of monkeys, so I kept all my stuff inside my bag. I spent around 15 minutes there and enjoyed the view.

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It was time for me to head back to the home stay but before that had to serve my never ending hunger, so my friend had reminded me of the Cafe Coffee Day on Lakkidi road. I halted there for a sandwich and a frappe. After the meal, I reached the home stay and slept for an hour. A couple of photos I clicked on my way back.

It was dinner time and I had to plan my Day 3 which was the ride to Ooty. The hotel booking was not yet confirmed and I was trying to find home stays but they were way too expensive or already booked. I called up my friend and he suggested me Kalahatty Mountain Resort. Got my booking done and I was all set for Day 3. Time to sleep!

Day 3 (9th April 2018): Wayanad to Ooty (110 kms)

I woke up, got ready, packed up my stuff and loaded my motorcycle. Basic checks were completed. The breakfast was ready on time and was finished on time. The manager clicked a few photos of me with the property. Here’s a slideshow:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I thanked him, the cook and started my ride to Kalahatty Mountain Resort, Ooty which is located between 19th & 20th hairpin bend while you are descending from Ooty towards Masinagudi. The manager of the resort helped me with the coordinates and also sent one person to pick me because its a complete off road trail from the main road and elephants/bisons do cross. I thought it will be easy but it was scary.  My bike handled it very well both downhill and uphill climb. The property has been given a look which very well merges with the forest.


Lunch was quickly served and it was delicious. Since it was too sunny to take a stroll around the place, I took a quick nap. In the evening the helper took me for a stroll. We had just covered 100 m of walk and bison was standing 100 m away from us. The wild animal looked at us, vanished into the forest and I could not click. The person with me said that it is not safe here, so we went downhill. I saw some deers, Malabar squirrel and I was expecting some elephants but there were none. The evening was cold and I was not carrying my jacket, so had to wear my riding jacket. Dinner was served by 9 pm and I slept.

Day 4 (10th April 2018): Ooty to Bangalore (260 kms)

I woke up to a very nice morning and sipped my cup of tea. It was time for me to head back home, taking all the memories from this wonderful trip. Got ready and loaded my bike with luggage. This time I had to do that off road track all by myself with the luggage. The manager was kind enough to help me during the downhill ride and it was time for me do uphill to reach the main road. I was just hoping that elephants should not be crossing will I make the climb else I will lose momentum. I slotted the first gear and did the climb in one shot. Pheww! That was difficult but I did it. It gave me satisfaction and a sense of achievement. From here on the journey was smooth, I crossed Masinagudi and Bandipur forest. I didn’t click much. Posting some photos of Day 4 experience.

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I safely reached Bangalore by 3 pm and this ends the trip. I wish I would have ridden more but this is life. Good things are just round the corner and you need to be patient.

Posting the home stay details below for your reference:

Hiliya Resort, Wayanad

Per night charges: INR 2,500 (only breakfast included)

Review: Good place, decent food & friendly staff

Kalahatty Mountain Resort

Per night: INR 2500 (3 times meal included)

Review: Good place, decent food & friendly staff


Warm Regards,

Adhip Varma


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